As part of our full range of produce, Red Barn offers seasonal local fruits and vegetables, which can include:

Jan/Feb - Apples, onions, mushrooms

Mar/Apr – Watercress, baby turnips, spinach, ramps

May/Jun – Asparagus, lettuces, green beans, berries

Jul/Aug – Corn, cucumbers, root veggies, tomatoes

Sept/Oct – Pumpkins, artichokes, Swiss chard, spinach

Nov/Dec – Potatoes, squash


Red Barn Produce is a full-service wholesale distributor

Red Barn Produce selects only the finest produce for our customers.
We distribute the full range of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables. Because we are located in the bountiful Hudson Valley, Red Barn Produce has the advantage of being able to source seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms.

Our weekly specials list includes basics and gourmet varieties.
Our network extends from local farms to across the US and the globe. Whatever produce you need, Red Barn Produce can deliver.

Our clients include chefs at the finest restaurants . . . and any establishment that cares about quality.
Red Barn Produce also delivers when it comes to value, which is why schools, health care facilities, and seasonal institutions also buy from us.

Special Requests – Red Barn Produce is here to help.
Over the years, we’ve gotten some unique requests. As part of our commitment to service, we will always try to accommodate a special request given enough notice.

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