From your farm to premier restaurants and food service establishments

At Red Barn Produce, we specialize in the distribution of fresh, farm-picked fruits and vegetables and have a deep appreciation for the local farmers who grow them.

Why choose Red Barn Produce to distribute your fruits and vegetables?

  • Guaranteed market – Seasonal items have a limited shelf life. With Red Barn Produce you are assured of an immediate market for your crops. In addition, because we have such large distribution, we can even handle surplus quantities.
  • Fairer prices and profits – Unlike large wholesale produce markets, Red Barn Produce lets farmers set their own prices and does not dictate price. By eliminating the middle man and having greater control over pricing, farmers who distribute through Red Barn Produce have a higher profit margin.
  • Prompt payment – Red Barn Produce consolidates your receipts into a single and prompt payment.
  • Personal attention – Red Barn Produce is a family-run business much like the local farms we distribute for. We treat our farmers with fairness and courtesy. As members of the local community, we offer a more personal experience than other wholesalers..
  • Supporting the local economy and environment – Red Barn Produce is firmly committed to supporting local agriculture and reducing the carbon footprint
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