Interested in becoming a supplier to Red Barn Produce?

Our local suppliers are based in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Berkshires. If you are looking to expand or simplify your distribution, then we are interested in talking to you.

Why choose Red Barn Produce as your supplier:

  • More distribution – Our list of clients is impressive, extensive, and growing. Red Barn Produce provides access to restaurants and food service establishments that boutique operations can have difficulty gaining entry to.
  • Cost-effective marketing and distribution – Working with Red Barn Produce means you do not have to worry about marketing and distribution of your products. Through our client contacts, website, and weekly specials communications we showcase your products and get them into clients’ hands at considerably less cost and effort.
  • Prompt payment – Red Barn Produce consolidates your receipts into a single and prompt payment.
  • Personal attention – Red Barn Produce is a family-run business and we treat our suppliers with respect and courtesy. As members of the local community, we offer a more personal experience than other wholesalers.

Contact Red Barn Produce if you would like more information about becoming one of our suppliers.

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