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Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Where quality rules,Local comes first & Taste matters.Welcome to Red Barn Produce



Wholesale food distributor located in Ulster County, NY.

Delivery 6 days/week 
Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, Columbia County and beyond

Quality control checked by hand, 24/6 days a week

Competitive Pricing without sacrificing freshness & quality.

Certified facility:
USDA- Inspected Vendor

Fish Stall

SEAFOOD Features

Fresh vegetables


Tomatillo Plant


Why work with Red Barn Produce? 

At your service. 

We're in it for the long haul.

RBP is old school and we want to make that one-on-one connection. We're the folks you can trust to help make that transition when changing your seasonal menu, looking for something outside the norm, or needing to have a conversation about an issue. Our doors are always open to discuss how we can further support your needs.

Wide variety of product & hard-to-find

Let RBP go to bat for what you need.

Local, seasonal, organic and conventional produce is where we started. Since then we've added locally sourced meat products, international dry goods, spices, and packaging. If it's not something we carry, we will find a way to get it. This way you can focus on your kitchen and we'll take care of the curveballs.

Fresh and quality ingredients

Selected to make you shine.

Before we were RBP, we were in the kitchen, and so we know that ingredient freshness is everything. Quality is the backbone of making a dish pop. We stand behind our product, and if there are any problems let the driver know or give us a ring! We'll resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

9-1-1 what's your emergency?

Don't worry, we got you.

Forget to place an order? Last-minute additions? Maybe your freezer froze overnight and you're starting over on a Saturday. Whatever the issue is, we'll do our best to accommodate you at the eleventh hour, and any time around that.

Supporting local on all fronts.

Small businesses make the difference.

There are many food distributors you can work with, but know that shopping with us keeps the money close to home and protects the local economy and gastronomy. We have over 30 farm partners, and 35+ RBP employees-- all of whom live, eat, play alongside you-- not to mention paying the taxes that get re-invested into our communities. That's keeping it fresh.

Distributing Local Hudson Valley.

Let us help you reach more fans. 

It's a great problem to have-- there's more demand for your product than you can get delivered. We travel across a 40+ mile radius with a growing number of customers. Let's see how we can support you and your client's needs.

Fruits + Vegetables.


Chopped & Ready.

Dry Goods





Green Peas

"Kevin and his team are incredible and lovely to work with. They support our nonprofit gala generously every year, and they're a pleasure to speak to over the phone. Amazing variety and incredibly knowledgable about an endless variety of produce and local growers. Highly Recommend!"

The cleanest and most well organized warehouse, a modern fleet of trucks and helpful experienced local sales people that are friendly and there to serve the areas wholesale produce needs. Thanks for helping us decide to buy locally from a growing company that has been here and is constantly improving.

~ Jess Davis

~Heart Catskills


Get in touch!

Have a question for us at Red Barn Produce, Inc.? Call, email or fill out the form below and we will be sure to get back to you. 


Office: 845-691-7428

Fax: 845-691-7468


Business hours are M-F: 8am-11:30pm.

217 Upper North Road, Highland NY, 12528   

PO Box - 1542, Highland NY, 12528 (mail only)                         

Preferred form of contact

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