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From the bloomy to the blue, from goat, to sheep and cow's milk-- at Red Barn we get gaga about our cheeses. Domestic, international, and local as much as possible-- let's see if we can get these cheeses for your shop or kitchen and celebrate the true turophiles (cheese lovers) in each of us. 


McGrath Cheese

Crafting fine artisan cheeses in the heart of the Hudson River Valley

“Making great milk, making cheese, and then selling the cheese itself require very different skill sets,” says Colin McGrath, cheesemaker and founder of McGrath Cheese Company in Hudson, NY. “I am not a farmer. I know a lot about farmers, and I talk to the farmers I work with regularly about the health of the animals, what they’re eating, and how the weather may be affecting their moods or health, but I don’t actually farm myself.”

Instead, he picks up cow’s milk twice a week from Brookby Farm in Dover Plains and brings it back to Churchtown Dairy in Hudson where he makes and ages his cheese. “It’s a great relationship,” he says. “I’ve worked with a lot of farmers over the years, but the reality is, it’s getting harder for smaller dairy farmers to make a living in the Hudson Valley. I really wanted to work with a farm with 30 or fewer cows because I knew they’d have a better life, be outside eating grass May through October, and then local hay during colder months. And Brookby is able to stay small and successful by selling to a cheesemaker, instead of a dairy co-op.”

~ from Hudson Valley Wine Magazine, "The Power of Place in Hudson Valley Cheese"

westmeadow logo.png

Westmeadow Farm & Dairy

Upstate New York farm dedicated to providing a healthy and peaceful environment for our animals.

Our Farm

Located in rural Canajoharie, NY, Westmeadow Farm is home to both cows and goats. The farm boasts a milking herd of 150 Jersey cows. Our goat herd, totaling around 400 goats, consists of breeds from Alpine, Sanaan, and Nubian. We treat our animals, plants, and soils with the reverence Nature demands. Treating Nature with respect allows us to garner the means to create exquisite products for our customers.

Check out our YouTube channel to get an in depth look at the farm!

Westmeadow Farm produces a wide range of Palatine Cheddar Cheese and Cheese Curd, as well as artisanal goat cheese. Westmeadow Farm will also have tours on their farm in Canajoharie, where anyone can come see our Jersey cow and goat herd!

A 30 minute drive away from the farm, in Johnstown, New York, our creamery and farmstore is where our dairy products come to life. After both the cow’s milk and goat’s milk make the journey from the farm to the creamery, the magic begins!

westmeadow v1.png
ronnybrook logo.png

Ronnybrook Dairy

Dairy the way nature intended.

In today’s world of corporate mega farms, Ronnybrook is still committed to producing dairy products the way they were produced in the past, slow and easy. They don’t believe that big is necessarily better. When some describe their farming techniques as outdated; their response has been that they are “old fashioned” and deeply proud of it. The farming practices at Ronnybrook have been described by the New York Times as beyond organic. Organic farming does not address how cows are treated. It is only concerned with what a cow eats.


At Ronnybrook, the treatment of their cows is as important as what they may eat. Ronnybrook’s “Mission Statement” is to provide a local source of fresh minimally processed all natural dairy products wrapped up in an overriding commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

Ronnybrook welcomes visitors to see how their cows are cared for and to experience the green rolling pasture of the Hudson Valley. Visitors can tour the barn where "the ladies" spend much of their time during the cold northeast winter months. While visiting, guests will then cross the unpaved town road to watch as they bottle the milk, make butter, or culture their artisan yogurts.

Ronnybrook has been the Hudson Valley’s local dairy since.....forever.

vinny fresh mozz.jpg

Vinny's All Natural

Pawling, NY

Fresh Mozzarella Ball

6ct. case


5lb. case

Pecorino Romano

5lb. case

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