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There are many moving parts to this business and we expect you to have questions. In fact, we encourage it! 

Need more answers? 


Is there a minimum order amount?


What's the order cutoff time? 

Place orders until 10:30pm for next day delivery. 

Any orders received after this time we will do our best to fulfill but can't be guaranteed. If there are subs available we'll give you a call to get your approval prior to sending it out with the driver. 

What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 24 hours of delivery.

It's recommended to inspect the shipment at the time of receipt to eliminate any extra produce from sitting around in your coolers. 

How do I become a member?

On the upper right hand corner click 'Become a Member' and fill out the form. A client services person will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your account. If you'd rather immediate gratification, give us a call!

How does ordering work?

Submit your order online and you were receive a confirmation of order within 2 hours. Note that shortages or backorders will not be reflected. 

If you prefer personal contact, give the office a call Monday through Saturday between 9am and 10:30pm. If no answer, leave a message. 

What about same day delivery?

We will always try and do a same delivery, depending on your location and if we can group it with someone else. 

If it's something you really need last minute we can 

I have an odd request...

There is not a request too strange for us. We've been doing this for 30+ years with great relationships with LOTS of vendors. 

Anything to be had, (with a little time) our team can find almost anything. Just try us. 

My application has been approved. Now what?

Congratulations and welcome to the family! 

At Red Barn Produce, we want you to make what you want and we'll do work to figure out how to get you high quality products. A client services specialist will reach out to go over your menu and get clear on what your kitchen needs going forward.


Where we deliver

40+ mile radius

Unsure? Just ask!

Timely delivery windows

Monday through Saturday

Freshness guaranteed

Only the best, or we take it back.